KETO MACROS Calculate it yourself with your own numbers.   So when I started eating Keto, or as I call it “low carb”, I kind of just went for it! There is a quick (and better) way! By just plugging and chugging some numbers, you can confidently move forward in […]

Keto Macros: Calculate it QUICK & How Much to Eat ...

  You know what takes the homesteading cake? A family milk cow. So we took the dive. Apparently belly first. Let me explain. You know our community is built out of some amazing people and they aren’t all native Oklahomans. Read about our start here. One family made a trip […]

Atonement Series: Beloved Family Milk Cow

I said I would write about how this all came to be. Let’s start at the very beginning (a really fine place to start).   At the end of 2009, beginning of 2010, my husband and I, only nine months apart, began to think in a completely different way. Before […]

From Whence We Came