The Unboxing: Savvy Minerals by Young Living

The Unboxing - Savvy Minerals by Young Living Mineral Non Toxic Vegan Makeup - The Good Land Homestead

Can we just be honest with each other? I mean, that’s our gig if you’re a regular around here! But, new visitors, let’s be honest ?!

I am a mom. Of four. I LOVE being toxin free and I LOVE eating a clean diet.


Not compromising has been HARD.

I had compromised on different things around the house. The cleaners that I never used, but couldn’t throw out to waste. Or the once-in-a-blue-moon sugar snack. We have to make compromises now and then. For the sanity of the kids and the home right?

Not. On. My. Face.


I have not worn makeup in YEARS. There was the occasional putting on of something old and stashed away. But, I could count those days on my hand! Five years later. I’ve joined Young Living. One month after I join, BOOM! Savvy Minerals Makeup!


Grocery store folk, watch out! Gas station tenders, here I come! Y’all, for the everyday and the occasion, UNBOX my Savvy Minerals with me!


Note: When I get my makeup tutorial up on YouTube, I’ll be linking the video HERE?!

Happy Making Up!


PS: Not “in” with Young Living, but tired of the toxic things of yesteryear? Get IN with me HERE, and once I get your info, I’ll be personally contacting you and connecting you with our awesome community of wellness lovers and toxic kicker-outers {yes, I just said that!} If you have any trouble I’d be happy to help, just head on over to the Contact page and let me know! I’d be happy to help!

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The Abundance Mindset: The BIG Harvest From Just A LITTLE Seed

The Abundance Mindset: The BIG Harvest From Just A LITTLE Seed - The Good Land Homestead - Growing Lots Of Food In The Garden

This Spring I began having a revelation of sorts! I have been assuming that since we are God’s people, that maybe we weren’t entitled to unnumbered blessings, to life overflowing, to abounding abundance.


I knew God promised wondrous blessings if you obey His commands, and we do try to do that, but I also believed a deep-seated lie that our reward is in the world to come. In many ways that is so true.


This world can’t offer anything in comparison to the Kingdom. BUT. Always, but. But, this world IS a picture of that wondrous place. And I’m starting to see that….


I. Was. Wrong.

There, I said it!

I have been SO wrong about this!


We have now been homesteading for over five years! Wow, can I believe it?! Nope! But I can feel it in my bones! It’s been amazing. We have learned A LOT.


We’ve had to put down aggressive animals, sell animals we really wanted to keep, been overrun with garden pests, and had abundant harvests. All together at the same time!


One thing that has been made crystal clear, through observing plant, animal, and any other kind of life {read garden produce sucking insects! I mean eh-hem insects} is this: everything God creates is ABUNDANT.


Animals get pregnant at the drop of your hat. Literally guys, don’t believe the lie that humans are doing this to animals. They do it all on their own. And they LOVE it. They LOVE being mothers and fathers, and even sisters and brothers.


Animals were meant to be ABUNDANT, too! It’s amazing!


Our harvests have been HUGE, EXCITING, and even AWE INSPIRING! What did we do to deserve this?! Nothing!


All we did was spend MAYBE a couple of hours planting everything!


We use the Back To Eden Gardening Method, so we haven’t even watered or anything! We watered the seeds in and that was it! This harvest comes not from us!


But from the One Who does it all! Rain, sunshine, earth. I can’t give anything these things. But yet, they are given in ABUNDANCE and therefore grow in ABUNDANCE!


All we did was take tiny seeds, I mean TINY, and put them in this “abundant” place.


We planted them in the abundant earth, where they got abundant water, and then received abundant sunlight. And now, they are producing abundance!


I’m for sure not giving those little pests any air time, you feel me?! But, you for sure know that they are ABUNDANT. And that’s okay with me, because Chickens and Muscovies LOVE to eat them ?.


Can you tell I’m a LITTLE excited about ABUNDANCE!?


I was so wrong to believe that He didn’t want this same abundance for me! Did He tell me this? Did He send a note? Did He send an angel? Did I have a vision? No, no, no, and no.


I observed this through something called “precedence”. There is no observable precedence for an impoverished creation, impoverished nature, impoverished life.



Everything, however, is quite balanced. How we can be abundant, I believe, is directly tied to how we can be balanced; but that, my friends, is another post ?.


One other precedent I’ve learned through this: we MUST surround ourselves with abundance if we want to live the abundant lifestyle of the tiny seed!


What will be your sunlight? Or darkness? What will be your earth? Or stony ground? What will be your water? Or your drought?


These questions have started to really sink it. That I can’t just keep on keeping on with the same old thoughts and habits. I may know this seemingly new, but age-old truth. But what will I do about it!?


Have you observed abundance recently? Have you realized that you actually were intended to have more than less? Share with me your thoughts!

Happy Harvesting!

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For The First Time Ever Hatching Day Comes To The Homestead

First Muscovy Ducklings Hatched On The Homestead - The Good Land Homestead - Broody Duck - Homeschool


This may sound crazy, but this is the FIRST TIME EVER we have had a bird successfully hatch eggs on our homestead.


You can see in the video, we were in disbelief! We both knew Muscovies sit for a long time, that wasn’t it! They had been sitting so long that we were sure they weren’t going to be successful with these specific eggs!


God is GOOD and His creation just AMAZES me!



+ No brooder, no clean up, no extra chores

+ Mother raised; they should be super smart and thrifty in nature

+ Tiny cute adoreableness

+ Very successful hatch rate {compared to the usual 70-85% of human hatches


If I HAD to say some,


– Cannot find the mamas and babies; this drives me nuts because I’m worried about them

– Hard to coop; mom is protective; if you do catch them, you’d have to keep them awhile before letting them out daily


We are SO excited to share this with you all!


Have you had successful hatching on your place? Any tips for us to encourage our birds?


Happy Hatching!

<3 Nadia

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The Tulsa Balloon Festival: Family Fun For Everyone

Does anyone else have glorious memories of going to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in their area as a young kid? Me too! This event is the original to my area, before the floating lanterns of Tangled. I mean, YES PLEASE! It’s just so magnificent!


So, this year, I INSISTED we go! Much to my surprise, my dear husband had never been! Can you believe it?! I was going to get to introduce him to the wonderment of these floating beauties! We homeschool, and the plan was to show the girls the power of fuel, and a real life application that doesn’t have to do with complex motors and things, LOL!


The Tulsa Hot Air Balloon Festival has been around since I was young! We won’t say how long that is! ?


Now, things are “upgraded”! There are food trucks on site to eat everything from deep fried to barbecue! We had ourselves some Paninis. I always think of Seinfeld when it comes to Paninis LOL. But let me tell you, I’ve had Reubens many-a-place, and this was THE BEST Reuben I’ve ever had. I was happy to tell the sweet folk so as well! They came all the way from OKC.

 The Tulsa Hot Air Balloon Festival - Family Fun For Everyone - The Good Land Homestead

There is a jump area AND rides for all the shorties {have YOU ever tried to keep kids busy waiting on something?!}! SO glad to go and have a fair kind of fun, in the middle of June! The kiddos had an absolute blast doing the jumpers and the rides! One thing I LOVED is that the kiddos that were too small to be alone, still had rides they could ride with an adult {anyone over 18 years of age}! I don’t know if you noticed above, but our sweet little Abigail legit fell asleep on the car ride! It was SO funny and everyone around had a laugh! 

The Tulsa Hot Air Balloon Festival - Family Fun For Everyone - The Good Land Homestead
The great carnival at The Tulsa Balloon Festival. Admission is free for the entire family. Photo: The Tulsa Balloon Festival Facebook page.


I LOVED having my UPPAbaby Vista Stroller with me! It’s amazing! The Rambler Seat clicks right on and you have yourself a double stroller when in need of one. It’s a single when you prefer it! Can I get an amen?! This amazing thing of mine has a UV Sunshade, Mosquito Net {pictured above}, Rain Cover, Detachable Tray, and more! I LOVE it! {This link will take you to the exact ones I have!}



The Tulsa Balloon Festival also happen to have some “adult” rides. The ones they bothered to bring in were the hard core ones from the fair type events. Cameron rode them and had tons of fun! Make sure you take a partner to watch all the littles if you have a dare doer in your family! ?


Tulsa Hot Air Balloon Festival - Family Fun For Everyone - The Good Land Homestead


We had so much fun at the Tulsa Balloon Festival! I must admit, we didn’t get to see the balloons go up. The wind was insane, so the flight director deemed it unsafe. This is TOTALLY okay with me, since we will have an excuse to go next year! ?


The Tulsa Hot Air Balloon Festival - Family Fun For Everyone - The Good Land Homestead
The night glow of the beautiful hot air balloons at the Tulsa Balloon Festival. Photo: Diana Fights Photography.

I’m secretly hoping to go up in a balloon next year! If you’re in the Tulsa area, or are going to be when this is happening, we’d love to see you there! Here is a link to the Tulsa Balloon Festival website! Check it out and stay up to date! They also have a Facebook page here, if you want to check out all the amazing photos! One thing I love about this, is it’s free admission for everyone. You will pay for parking, ride tickets, and food, but you save a little with free admission!


Happy Floating!

<3 Nadia

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Can We Really Eat Every Unclean Thing? What Does The Bible Have To Say About What We Can Eat? Did Jesus/Yeshua Or Peter Change The Rules?

Can We Really Eat Every Unclean Thing? What Does The Bible Have To Say About What We Can Eat? Did Jesus/Yeshua Or Peter Change The Rules?

Lately, this topic has come across my path. It seems like it just keeps resurfacing.

Can we really eat anything we want? Is that what God said? Is that was Jesus/Yeshua said? Is that what Peter said?

Does God want us eating “every unclean thing”?


So, I went this last rest day and looked it up. I shared it live with my friends on Facebook {if we aren’t friends, go find me, there’s TONS of good stuff going on over there}, and now, I’m going to share it here.


If you want to read along, grab your Bible, turn to Acts 10:9, and justpressplay ?.

Note: I’m NEVER judging anyone, I just have a B I G passion for God and learning all He wants me to learn, from His way of living, to the way His firstborn son lived. It’s my jam!!!


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How To Make Real Homemade Pickles: Fermenting Cucumbers With Spices And A Brine

How To Make Real Homemade Pickles: Fermenting Cucumbers With Spices And Brine

Okay, let’s be real with one another. I did not grow up knowing that Pickles were fermented Cucumbers, and Sauerkraut was fermented Cabbage! Did you?! {I’m impressed with your parents if so!} I had no clue!

You can imagine when I found out that fermentation was how the real deal was made, including everything {y’all, I’m talking Yogurt, Pickles, Sauerkraut, Alcohol; it’s ALL fermented; that’s how the harvest was preserved!}, that I was EAGER to try my hand at it! -especially since fermentation has allgoodthings when it comes to gut bacteria, sugar content, and homegrown produce!

This recipe is TRIED AND TRUE! My family and I couldn’t get enough of them last year, so now that I’ve honed it, I’m sharing it with you! I will post my homemade Pickling Spices on a later post, but use what you have; you can’t go another day without this goodness, and they take FOUR WEEKS to ferment!

This recipe corresponds to the pictures. For those of us reading-challenged peeps {talking to myself here!}. I hope you and your people enjoy these as much as me and my people! I also want to add that I adapted this recipe from a book {my go-to preserving book} called “The Amish Canning Cookbook”. Get it here.

Happy Fermenting!

1. You NEED {washed} Cucumbers. LOL. Ideally, enough to fill a gallon jar. If you don’t have that, divide recipe accordingly. I should mention fermenting is BEST done when you use produce picked within the last 24 hours ?!

2. You will also need:

• A gallon jar + lid {I bought this jar, but you can buy a four pack here, which is what I’d do now} You may also want ferment weights, I have these for wide mouth jars, but you can get these if your smaller jars are regular mouth. They do have combo packs if you need them as well.
• 8 Cups Water
• ½ Cup Salt of Choice {I use a mix of Kosher and Himalayan}
• ¼ Cup 5 % Vinegar
• Cloves of Garlic {I use four, you can use two or six, up to you!}
• 2 Teaspoons Pickling Spices
• 4 to 5 Heads Fresh or Dry Dill Weed OR 2 Tablespoons Dill Seed
• 2 Teaspoons Red Pepper {this is optional, and I like my family to eat my labor of love so I don’t add them}
• Knife + Cutting Board

3. Put half of all the spices at the bottom of your {clean} gallon jar.

4. Cut ¼ of the light ends, or the blossom ends, off of all your Cucumbers. You can also cut off the stem side, too, if you like; I leave it be.

5. Add the ¼ Cup 5% Vinegar to the 8 Cups Water and stir {I did this with my knife, because one less dirty dish y’all, woohoo!}

6. Add the ½ Cup Salt to the Vinegar Water {this is now called a brine! – learn something new every day ?} and stir to dissolve well.

7. Start packing the gallon jar with your Cucumbers. When you get to the top, adjust them so that you have big ones wedged underneath the “bottleneck”. This will be like a fermenting weight that will keep any Cucumbers from floating and spoiling. You can use a weight if you so choose.

8. Add the other half of the spices. These also need to be held underneath the surface of the water by the large Cukes.

9. We are now ready to pour over the Pickling Brine that we just made!

10. Pour the brine over the gallon jar + contents {ideally, getting the water in the jar, LOL, I had trouble here; slow and steady loses no brine- I bet you thought I was going to say wins the race ?}

11. Check out that surface y’all! The only “floaters” are some of my crushed Bay Leaves. Anything that floats spoils, so adjust as needed here.

12. Now you’re done! SO EASY, RIGHT?! Yay for REAL Pickled Cucumbers! Okay, so now, you need to move this jar to a “cool” area that stays between 50 and 70 degrees. Any warmer and your pickles will be too soft; any cooler and they will take FOREVER never ferment! I put them on top of my fridge, because my AC just so happens to blow heavily in that spot. A dark room is awesome too! I put a towel over a lightly screwed lid {they can explode with the fermenting gases, so do not tighten}, and put a rubber band over that. This ensures no fruit flies or anything else will get in them! Let sit for at least four weeks and BAM, they’re ready!

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Taking Kids To A Berry Farm: Picking Blueberries and Eating Local

Going to a U-Pick, You Pick Berry Farm and Eating Local With Kids

Even though we’ve lived in this area all our lives, we had never been to any of the U-Pick farms.


My husband owns a construction company, and he comes across all types of entrepreneurs in the process! We had decided on ordering 28 Blueberry plants {crazy, I know} and a man at one of his supply locations mentioned that our now friend, Brent, was the berry man.


When Cameron asked what he meant, he told us he owned The Owasso U-Pick Berry Farm. WHAT?! Yes, it’s true, and boy what a blessing that was! We visited his farm in February and learned all about why Blueberries typically don’t make it in this area, how he combated it, and everything we would need to do to be successful at growing our own fruit.


This was our plants’ first year, so we picked off all the berries to encourage a healthy plant and healthy root growth. Naturally, the only thing left to do, was visit the farm during picking season and turn the girls loose!


We had a BLAST! They give you buckets and you can pick to your heart’s desire! We bought all the berries we picked! What’s even more crazy is that we went through them in less than a month! Frozen Blueberries {we call them popsicles around here, nature’s way} are the favorites around here! Eat them alone, or even with cereal or yogurt!


We are all about not stealing, and so I asked Brent’s wife if it was okay if the girls ate while picking {knowing that what children five and under would not do so}. She warned me that Grandmothers say they go right through them. This, I can now say is 100% percent true, LOL. You’ve been warned. And if your in-laws are watching them even a week later, LOL, just say no!


The Owasso Tree & Berry Farm has been around forever, is family owned, and is just a joy to visit! Go check out the U-Pick Blueberry and Blackberry Farm!

Happy Berry Picking!


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What Is Homesteading? How Can You Do it?

What is homesteading? How to homestead. Debt free, building a pole barn house on land, or delivering a tiny home.

What is homesteading anyway? How can you do it?


Everyone is different. Complete with our own ideas and even sometimes definitions. So how about I do something I hardly ever do!- and get in the gray area!

Homesteading is what you make it!


That’s right. There is no “right” way to homestead!


You may be passionate about getting out of the city, or passionate about being smack dab in the middle of it. You may think it is essential to get animals to slaughter for food, or you may think “I’d rather not eat my pets”. You may want to get some solar panels and supply your own water, or you may be fine and dandy drawing grid power and living off city water. You may want to be out on property alone, or dwell in an intentional community. You may want to live tiny, or you may want to live big.


There really are COUNTLESS ways to homestead. Each journey is amazing. Each journey is individual. And yet, somehow, all the journeys in homesteading are collective. We are brought together under the common cause: finding a better way.


Whether you want to live debt free in the country or the city, or keep your mortgage in the country or the city; either way we are united. United in the idea that we can do things better. For us, for our children, for our health, for the environment, for the earth, and maybe even for God.


You won’t find a cookie cutter way to do this. I live in an intentional community with six families. We each have had unique solutions to our even more unique problems. And we all own neighboring land. How much more different will your solutions differ if your miles from us or the next homesteader? Big time is right!


Homesteading is something primal within us! We want to be connected to our food, to our water, to our needs. So, maybe homesteading is all about that journey. A journey towards being connected to our own lives.


If you want to read a little smidge of our story, do that here. Want to watch a little trailer video of some of my favorite homestead moments? Do so, here.
What is homesteading to you? How are you doing it?

Happy Homesteading!

PS: Google defines Homesteading as “life as a settler on a homestead.” So, it is what you make it!
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Nature Walks and Summer Talks: How To Homeschool With Nature

Nature walks with kids, homeschooling, can be so fun! Finding ways to homeschool in nature really makes school special for the kids!

One thing we love, our land. Goodness, it really is amazing to look out and think “God gave us this?!”

A HUGE blessing to us, to our family, to our animals.

We LOVE it. The more time we can spend with it, the better.

The girls love galloping around when their daddy is there to do it with them.

And, inevitably, there will be rock skipping at the pond.

I forget what daddy gave our oldest dear daughter a hard time about, but it would hardly be an outing without a little playful teasing with the girls, or at least I’m sure that’s what their dear ol’ dad thought.

What’s not so common? Sticking our feet in the water. We do it figuratively all the time. But this time I just couldn’t help myself!

I was so glad when I finally took my shoes off and let my adult self wet my toes. Letting go of the fears of getting dirty or falling in. There was such a peace that came from being a part of everything around me.

It didn’t take me long to rub off on the girls. Off came their shoes. Just a shining example of what our every-single-day is: an opportunity.

It’s our opportunity to rub off on those around us.

<3 Nadia

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How To Take Photos Of Four Kids On Mother’s Day

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